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The Choice of Champions Since 2018: The Broadbill has set the standard for performance with its flat power face design, ensuring a smooth and efficient stroke from entry to exit. Enhanced with a visually striking in-mould logo and a robust reinforced carbon fibre edge, this paddle combines style with unparalleled functionality.


Blade Dimensions:
- Width:
 9.5" for superior water catch.
- Length: 18.5" for streamlined efficiency.
- Offset: 9.5cm for optimal power transfer.


Innovative Shaft Technology: Our full composite shaft, light yet strong, mimics the natural flex of timber without the weight. Crafted with a precise blend of carbon fibre and fibreglass, it offers two flex options: Regular for versatility and Stiff for power paddlers. The double bend/curved design enhances your control and comfort.


Construction Excellence:
- Blade: Made with epoxy, carbon fibre, fibreglass, and PVC foam, it features a reinforced edge for durability.
- Shaft: A blend of epoxy, carbon fibre, fibreglass, and PVC foam ensures a perfect balance of lightweight strength and flex.


Transform Your Experience: With the Broadbill, every stroke is a statement of power and precision. Ideal for paddlers who refuse to compromise, this paddle is your ally in conquering waters far and wide. Elevate your paddling journey today with the Broadbill.

Ariki BB - Full Composite Carbon

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