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The Choice of Champions Since 2018: The Broadbill has set the standard for performance with its flat power face design, ensuring a smooth and efficient stroke from entry to exit. Enhanced with a visually striking in-mould logo and a robust reinforced carbon fibre edge, this paddle combines style with unparalleled functionality.


Blade Dimensions:
- Width:
 9.5" for superior water catch.
- Length: 18.5" for streamlined efficiency.
- Offset: 9.5cm for optimal power transfer.


Innovative Shaft Design: Experience the unique feel of our laminated timber curved/double bend shaft. This design not only brings a classic aesthetic to your paddling gear but also offers an ergonomic grip and efficient power transfer with every stroke.


Construction Excellence:
- Blade: Made with epoxy, carbon fibre, fibreglass, and PVC foam, it features a reinforced edge for durability.
- Shaft: Crafted from high-quality laminated timber, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern performance.


Elevate Your Paddling Experience: The Broadbill stands as a testament to innovation, blending the forgiving nature of its blade with the tactile response of a timber shaft. Perfect for paddlers who appreciate the blend of traditional materials and contemporary design, this paddle is your companion in mastering the waters with grace and power.

Ariki BB - Hybrid Carbon

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