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Our steering paddle, designed by Conan Herbert, draws inspiration from the Toroa, a long-standing favorite among New Zealand steerspeople. With Conan's extensive experience in steering both domestically and internationally, he refined the Uru to address limitations seen in the Toroa, particularly in handling moderate sea conditions and sprint race turns. The Uru's increased blade surface area ensures optimal performance in all conditions.


Blade Dimensions:
- Width:
 9.5" for superior water catch.
- Length: 20.25" for streamlined efficiency.

Innovative Shaft Design: Experience the unique feel of our carbon straight shaft. 


Construction Excellence:
- Blade: Made with epoxy, carbon fibre, fibreglass, and PVC foam, it features a reinforced edge for durability.
- Shaft: Crafted from high-quality laminated timber, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern performance.

Ariki - Full Carbon Steering

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