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Team Training Plan - Long Distance


This plan is for teams aiming to peak for their main event. - Up to 6 paddling days per week. - 6 - 9 hours on-water weekly. - Training includes on-water and land sessions. - 16 weeks of phased training to enhance physical performance and race-specific skills. - Video content included: Training plan breakdown, FAQs, Race strategy (Releasing 15/04) Goal setting & strategy (Releasing 22/04) - 1 x online session with Tupuria King. It's possible that not every on-water session can be completed as a team, and that's okay. Additional sessions can be done individually in single craft outside of team trainings if necessary. The number of completed sessions can be tailored to each individual's fitness level. I suggest the following on-water sessions per week: Novice: 3, Intermediate: 4, Advanced: 5, Elite: 6+. Strive to incorporate the land training component whenever possible, but prioritize on-water time.

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